Snowy Winter Wonderland Saver

Snowy Winter Wonderland Saver 1.3

Snow Winter Wonderland is a nice seasonal animated screensaver

Snowy Winter Wonderland Screen Saver by is one of the best screensavers in the seasonal screensaver category that the developers have. This screensaver takes you away from your tiring and busy schedule on the computer to a relaxing and soothing environment in the snowy wonderland. The mind gets refreshed from the sight of watching the beautiful snow falling over a beautiful welcome house. A tree decorated with nice lights adds to the beauty of the screensaver. The Snowy Winter Wonderland Screen Saver is surely capable of stirring the feelings of nostalgia away as the users gaze over the snow clad pine trees and hills, making you wish you could meander through this winter wonderland. The main advantage of using this screensaver is that it does not require too much from your PC to run. Settings can easily be set for the screensaver to work smoothly even on low performance PCs. Moreover, the screensaver can run on almost all the known versions of Windows such as Windows 98,200,XP,NT and Me.

Neeraj Joshi
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